Monday, October 1, 2018

Coffee, Tea, and Me cards

Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is October already?  The weather here is finally feeling like fall.  It's been a busy weekend of Homecoming events for my high schoolers, so I have a lot of scrapbooking to do, as I took A LOT of pictures.  I'm looking forward to some cozy evenings in my PJs with some hot tea and my cricut to get started!

Our challenge theme this week of Coffee, Tea, and Me at BBTB2 forces me to confess that I don't like coffee...(all my caffeine comes from mainlining Diet Coke).  I do love hot tea, however, and have an entire cabinet full of any kind of tea anyone could possibly want.  Constant Comment and Earl Grey are my favorite blends, but I'm also partial to a good oolong.  Although really I will drink almost any tea except Lipton.  I'm kind of a diva that way!  But on to the cricut part of this post!  I made this first card below using the Wild Card 2 cartridge for my steaming cup of tea.  The second card uses the CM This and That cartridge for the cute little teapot.  The rest of the design team has some hot steaming cups of goodness to share over at BBTB2 and you can link up a coffee or tea project over at BBTB2 for the next two weeks.
Card #1-Wild Card 2

Card #2-CM This and That

Wild Card 2-tea cup and sentiment
CM This and That-teapot
Stamp-Stampin Up set


  1. love them both. I like the sentiment on the inside on the first card and those papers on the second! oh my!


  2. I love both of your tea cards! You certainly inspire me with these cards. I have to try the Wild Card one. My favorite tea is Chai Latte. Yum. So good! This is a good day for it, too.

  3. Great cards! The second card has some of my favorite paper. I have a couple pieces i have save for the most special cards ;)