Monday, February 10, 2014

a peek at the scrap room (for BBTB2)

Instead of a challenge this week at BBTB2, we are sharing a peek into our scrapping areas where we create our projects.  I'll admit I'm kind of curious to see where everybody scraps!  I suspect they will mostly be way cooler than my space, since my spot is in a corner of the basement.  It's chief virtue is that it's out of the way so I can leave everything out since I'm SUPER messy.

I'm very visual in my creative process, so I like to have everything spread out where I can see it.  And yes, that frequently includes the floor!  My husband jokes that his half of the room gets smaller and smaller when I spread across the floor laying out a project, LOL!  He has his computers all set up in the other half of the room so we can hang out in the basement after the kids go to bed with our separate hobbies (he's a big computer gamer), but still be together.  So for the big reveal…..pretty basic, huh?  You notice I am keeping it real here-this is how my table usually looks (meaning not very tidy).


I use an old kitchen table (that I bought long ago when I got out of college!) for my work area.  I keep all my scrapbook supplies in the armoire behind my table, plus a crate or two on the floor.  My husband added slide out shelves to the bottom 2/3 of the armoire for more paper storage space.  You can see my post it note to myself regarding supplies that are running low stuck to the door!  And then there's my trusty can of diet Coke-my other ESSENTIAL scrapping item (no creativity occurs without a steady supply)!  My cricut sits on the table beside me just out of the photo and my Big Kick embosser is on the floor under the table, close at hand.

My only cool organizational trick is that I've cut out all the fonts from all the cartridges I have and hung them on the wall in front of my table where I can quickly see them and decide what font I want for a project.  Knowing they are all cut at 1 1/4 inches lets me see whether the font is a big wide one or a narrow skinny one.

While I fantasize about super cool Ikea shelving units and countertops with slots for paper storage underneath and windows for lots of natural light…I'm actually pretty happy I have a spot that's all mine!   We had a small house when I first started scrapping and I had to use this same kitchen table BUT we also had to eat there, as it was the only table!  So I had to put everything away and get it all back out again any time I wanted to scrap.  Being able to leave my projects out is SO much better and I like being able to hang out with my hubby while I scrap.  I hope you enjoy seeing everyone else's space.  Really, it's all about making whatever you have work!


  1. This is a great space Michelle!!! I love your armoire is awesome and looks like it holds a ton of crafty goodies! I also love the post it note letting you know what you are running low on. My desk is usually pretty messy too, although from time to time I do clean it up. lol It just never takes long to mess it back up! I love, love your idea of displaying all your fonts cut at the same size. Very cool and useful thing to do! Now if I only had the wall space to do something like this. lol Hugs!

  2. This is a fantastic scrapbook space !! I love the fact you kept it real , I was debating if I should just share the pictures of how my room looks 90% of the time , or the rare 10% before I start a million projects at once lol ! I think your armoire is so perfect for storage !! And what a wonderful way to see the fonts you have !!


  3. Michelle your crafting space is cool and fab idea to have the fonts cut out like that.
    Hope you are having a fab time in Orlando. And in HP style I'm off...expeliamus!!

  4. I love your space! I wish we had basements down here in Louisiana! I love the idea of your husband still getting to spend time with you while your crafting. My MOST FAVORITE thing is how you had the BRILLIANT idea to put all of your fonts on 12 x 12 sheets right in front of you!! I pinned that to my Pinterest board. Great post Michelle!

  5. Michelle, first off - TOTALLY JEALOUS of where you are! Second, your space looks fabulous! I LOVE how you've displayed all the fonts - brilliant idea! Like you, I am NEVER in my craft room with out Diet Coke - and chocolate :) Have a fantastic week!!!

    Mollie's Motif

  6. I love how you displayed your "real" space. Your crafty table certainly looks neater than mine does, most of the time. It is definitely nice to leave a project and be able to go back to it. I also like how you displayed the fonts. Great idea.

  7. Great idea for the fonts! I will definitely be using this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your Crafty Space is wonderful Michelle! I so love the armoire. And the fonts being cut out is a great idea!!! And it works as wall art!!! :)