Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PLAY layout with Recess

We are on vacation for the week at the lake, doing some waterskiing, fishing, and theme park fun, but I've got a few things pre-scheduled to post.

I had a few pictures of several fun school events and field trips from the end of the year that I wanted to scrap (but not enough of each event for a whole page), so I put them all together in a two page spread and used the Recess cart for all the cuts and the journal box to make it feel kind of unified.  Paper and letter stickers are Echo Park.

Recess-all cuts
Paper-Echo Park It's a Boy's Life collection, plus solid CM cardstock for all my die cuts

Hope everyone is having a good week and staying cool!  The temperature moderated slightly after a bit of rain here, so we are looking at double instead of triple digit temps today, thank goodness!

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  1. Unified, that's the word I been looking for, your pages always look unified... They flow so nice. I am sure you are enjoying your vacation.. Sounds like you a doing a lot of fun things... And staying cool .. Hugs from Ukiah (104 today - saying 108 tomorrow - but you know the weather man, he is aways changing it - we can hope)