Monday, June 18, 2012

Play Ball layout

Major league baseball screams summertime to me-and I got to go to a game on a field trip last month with Son#2 and his classmates for Student Day at the ballpark!  Complete with tailgating, no less!   Most of the kids, including my son, had never been to a big league game and it was so fun to watch them take in the experience.    The crown from CM This and That kind of reminded me of the Royals scoreboard and logo and I tried to make it look like the stadium scoreboard.  the baseball and bat are also from This and That.  The glove and batting helmet are from the accessories on Everyday Paperdolls.  I rarely cut the dolls, but the accessories are a gold mine of great cuts. 

CM This and That-crown, baseball and bat, star
Everyday Paperdolls-glove, batting helmet
Plaintain Schoolbook-KC Royals
Birthday Bash-Play Ball

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  1. What a great pictures you got.. and of course i love the layout. You are using that This and That cartridge a lot. i have a LOT of cartridges but don't' have that one.. sounds like maybe i need it..