Monday, March 14, 2022

All Aboard layout

 Happy Monday!  Who's ready for spring?  We had 70 degree weather....then it snowed.  Again.  But second spring is coming this week, lol!  Last week was good though, enjoying having my younger two sons home from college for spring break.  

I had fun making this train layout for my scrapbook for pictures of the family riding the Amtrak from KC to Chicago in December.  We had never taken the train before and it was actually a very pleasant way to travel!  Less stressful than flying.  The train is from the CTMH You Are Here collection and the titles are all from Boys Will Be Boys.  My sons (who were all obsessed with trains as toddlers) were thrilled like little kids when the train conductor actually said All Aboard as we pulled out of the station, so that HAD to be the title, lol.  I hope everyone has a good week ahead!

CTMH You Are Here-train
Boys Will Be Boys-All Aboard, Boys Will Be Boys block font

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