Monday, January 22, 2018


Happy Monday!  It's not such a happy Monday at my house, as the flu has found us.  I knew it was only a matter of time for the kids, as it began circulating around school district....and the hospital I work at has had very high levels of flu activity and been very busy.  At work at least I am protected by mountains of isolation gear.  I haven't got it yet but I can feel the invisible ticking clock of doom as the inevitable germ here at home breaks through my cloud of hand sanitizer, lol!  One news article I read this week said flu levels were high in every state except Hawaii, with the peak level here in Missouri.  I think that means I should go to Hawaii immediately!  For my health, of course.

Our BBTB2 challenge this week is penguins.  Who doesn't love penguins-they always look so cute and adorable at the zoo!  I did a thank you card featuring this guy from Joys of the Season.  Since it's a thank you for one of the teens to use, I thought a little text-speak would be on point (or maybe it's on fleek-I never get the difference), so UR Cool as my teens would say to someone providing an awesome gift.  We have lots of adorable penguin cards over at BBTB2 and hope you will take the opportunity to make something too!

Joys of the Seasons-penguin
Lyrical Letters 2-font
Paper-American Crafts Jack Frost paper pad print, CTMH solids


  1. Oh, I hope everyone feels better soon and that you escape it! This is definitely a cool card. The penguin is very cute and whoever gets this card will smile.

  2. Your card is the best for a teen. Love the updated lingo! That penguin is adorable.

    The dreaded flu might miss you! Did you get the shot? I always get the flu shot and just hope that I got the best cocktail to withstand the flu of the year. I will be thinking about all of you - hoping the guys heal and that you stay healthy!!

    I think you should totally go to Hawaii, by the way. And I should come along to make sure you do not get into any trouble!!


  3. No flu here in my family, but we have coughs and colds that just won’t go away. Great thank you card, love the sentiment.