Friday, August 17, 2012

Lucky Silver Mine layout

While at Silver Dollar City (an old time theme park), we ate at the Lucky Silver Mine restaurant for lunch.  The fun part here is that you walk through a 60 ft "mine shaft" to get in and it's all underground with a mine theme, complete with lanterns and pickaxes!  Now that you have the background, you can see what I did with the layout.  I tore some paper on one side to be the side of the mine (the walls of the place were rough cement to look like a mine) and added some lanterns.  The checked paper reminded me of the tablecloths.  The miner is Grumpy the dwarf from Happily Ever After, but I trimmed off his stocking cap and added a hat from Old West.  The ore cart is also from Old West, but I modified it a bit also.   The lanterns (which I also added a layer to) and shovel are from Happily Ever After.  The font is Old West.  It all came out pretty fun and I was really happy with it!  I LOVE the wooden background paper from My Mind's Eye!!!!

Happily Ever After-miner with pickaxe, shovel, lanterns
Old West-font,  ore cart
Paper-My Mind's Eye Miss Caroline-the dilly dally collection, plus assorted solid card stock                                                                                                                                        


  1. Oh Michelle, this is just AWESOME.. i love everything single detail.. you definitely need to enter this into a contest. i would love to go to that Lucky Silver Mine restaurant what a fun restaurant. Wonder how far if is from Ukiah. lol.. i am always just amazed when i stop by to visit your blog, you are so creative..

  2. Fabulous layout. That was a great idea to use Grumpy and the wagon detail is really good. Have a great weekend:)
    My Mind's Dust Bunnies